Dinalungan Aurora

DIGETSAYAHAN is basically derived from the native dialect of CASIGURAN which is “KASIGURANIN” that implies SEA or Ocean for “DIGET” while sheer ENJOYMENT for “KASIYAHAN”. Today’s celebration of DIGETSAYAHAN as festivity has its own story of existence as early as the pre-war era and reminiscing at a time when the town of Dinalungan was just a BARRIO of mother town Casiguran.

            DINALUNGAN was then an immensely forested zone. Most of its early settlers which is the DUMAGAT TRIBE and natives of Casiguran popularly known as CASIGURANIN used to live along the coast of CASIGURAN Sound. The vastness of the Pacific Ocean bordering the scenic Barrio of Dinalungan then delights with bountiful marine life making it, the principal source of sustenance for the early inhabitants. Hunting comes next to the main means of livelihood when farming during those times is yet to take its place for being undeveloped community.

            According to the living legends of the Barrio Dinalungan, now a progressing and independent town of its own, history would reveal that the tradition of celebrating whenever there are abundant marine catch by the early settlers during the month of April, speaks of a primitive way of expressing JOY and THANKSGIVING, in other words, a CELEBRATION, originally dubbed as the infamous “Pista sa Diget”.

            DIGETSAYAHAN has its simple yet meaningful beginning, in a logical perspective of understanding that civilization has its roots where there water exists, the same scenario holds equally for Dinalungan in general. Seas and ocean was so useful than that no any other avenues of transport and communication is available, and so, carried by the emotions of expressing gratitude to Almighty for the Seas and Ocean as holistic gift to survival. Thanksgiving ensued every year and thereafter, early settlers line up along the shore to celebrate as they watch an array of Bamboo rafts sail with joy and praises, women prepare marine dish along the coast for a sumptuous Boodle fight version of lunch for all; while children dive and swim to shore for a price in the form of dried marine by-products, and the rest of elderly chant for their offerings as smoke of fire hovers and fill the surroundings.

            The birth of DIGETSAYAHAN is a product of a wishful consensus which conceptualizes to REVITALIZE the commemoration of “Pista sa Diget”. In so doing, activities that has long taken place must be coupled with modernization of festivities that will guarantee the sustainable care and the wise and judicious utilization of all marine resources, and so, DIGETSAYAHAN as envisioned will not only means JOYOUS CELEBRATION BUT an advocacy for a limitless PROTECTION and PRESERVATION of coast and the coastal waters of the town.

            For the annual commemoration of DIGETSAYAHAN, activities highlights on colorful FLUVIAL PARADE representing seven (7) coastal and two (2) non-coastal barangays comprising the town of Dinalungan. Also musical extravaganza. Search for Binibining Karagatan, motorboat and paddled banca race, allied games: Boodle fight by the shore featuring various marine catches and other surprises marks the three (3) day DIGETSAYAHAN FESTIVAL celebrated every April 24-26 whose venue is at shore facilities of Poblacion Zone 1, Dinalungan, Aurora.


            HALINA AT MAKISAYA………….

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